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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Joy of Receiving from Another Artist...

Hello Peeps,
I'm so sorry I haven't posted in nearly 5 months(gulp)...
I have no excuses.I have taken lots and I mean LOTS of photos,but some how have been feeling blocked,fractured, it what you like.

Anyway I'm home sick today so I took a stroll down to my letterbox(I live rurally)...Bare with me!
Now I'm feeling a little bit down on it as well -as many of you lovely peeps will know I dearly wanted to make it to Artfest at Fort Worden in March... but sadly its not meant to be.Made even sadder by the fact that this is to be the LAST one.Three days of Fabulous Art Tuition by Fabulous artists,and sharing a house already nick named 'The Nunnery' with Fabulous online friends that I've come to know.Fort Worden watch out!
One of the classes I wanted to take was with the VERY Talented Sunny Carvalho.I've been an admirer of hers for some time now.
So the other day when Sunny posted photos of her latest creations ....I just had to do the next best thing and buy one of her pendants!!!
Well back to the letterbox... What do you think I found?.... Ta Da!!!

It is Absolutely beautiful and Im not sure whether I'll wear it or hang it on my wall as a savoured piece of art!
The pendant is on a chain with  the connector (below the girl) along with  other beads...JUST PERFECT!!!
Below are some of Sunny's photos as I haven't been able to upload the ones I took... (not my day)
Head on over to Sunny's blog  while you're at it! You'll find her at
She paints,makes gorgeous ceramic dolls and beautiful ceramic characters...
I hope you enjoy... x
My necklace ...
Sunny's Dolls
Sunny's Ceramics
Sunny Carvalho  - Artist