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Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Latest Creativity...

Hello again,
Well here it is only 15 days out from when the Big,Fat, Jolly man wearing the red suit visits and I hope you're all managing to cope!
Whether that be with the weather(some of you have snow),Financial stresses,Family stresses,Health Issues or just what to buy that special person.Please know you're in my thoughts.I do hope you manage to find joy and beauty somewhere in your day.

As promised in my last post, I said I'd share my 'new creativity'... Its been fun and I  have now added Resin to my list of supplies.

Back in October I took a course with Donna O'Donaghue from 'Altered Images'  and here is (above and below) what I'm doing now...

Im also producing Pencil cases... or containers to hold 'trinkets' or sewing 'Bits and Bobs'...
These feature my own Original artwork.

I also managed to make this bracelet...(SOLD)

   My Christmas tree is up and today the sun is shining... so for now I wish you all  'Compliments of the season' and hope your 'Creativity'  shines as well.

As always Thanks for stopping by.

PS: and in the True spirit of Christmas... keep an eye out... I'll be Giving away a heart or cross (more items to choose from than those pictured)...or maybe you'd prefer a pencil case?I will post to
Anywhere in the world... Merry Christmas!

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