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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Inspiration and Creativity

Where do you look for inspiration?...For me, it can come from almost anywhere... it might be from flowers,a splash of colour,a piece of fabric,texture,a feather...even birdsong.
Where does your creativity come from?.... for me it comes from within... it is a yearning from deep within often ignited by the sight of a simple Flower, a leaf,

 a flash of can creep up on me when I least expect it. It is a hunger from within ...'my happy place'
I'm definitely a visual person... but when my soul is nourished,there is no doubt I am a happier person.

Perhaps an image will embed itself in my mind,my sub consciousness ...and surface in a dream.

Sometimes,the creation comes first...and then a surprise might bloom in your garden.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

What I am up to now...

Oh dear, has it really been that long since I have posted here? I do apologize.
 I have to say that I really thought that blogs were a dying thing, what with facebook, Instagram, pinterest and flicker to name but a few forms of social media... its all a little too confusing and just a tad overwhelming for many in our already crazy, fast paced life to try to keep up with.
I do have an art page on facebook  and I am on pinterest for those that wish to follow me.
Meanwhile... I continue to work full time which brings much travel with it, however as always, I do love to create when ever time allows.
I am still creating my resined hearts and love to  paint as well. I am now represented by two galleries and two retail outlets with the promise of more opportunity in the wings as soon as I can keep up with the 'supply and demand'.
I love colour, it awakens my soul, it makes my heart sing and I love that my work makes people happy.

But ....What am I up to now?...

For the last eight months I have been Felting...a new passion that I have become addicted to. I call it 'painting with wool'. I love laying out the wool and creating a piece of beautiful wearable art.
As we here in the southern hemisphere head into autumn, I look forward to once again wrapping myself in one of my 'creations'. The colour palette of the beautiful various wools and fibers I use provides a range of endless possibilities. The warm and bright colour to bring a piece of cheeriness and warmth to an otherwise gloomy cold winters day.
I love that my creations have so far found their way to various parts of the US(including New York), England and New Zealand. I sincerely want to say 'Thank you' to those customers for their support.
I love that people stop me in the street and ask where did I get my beautiful scarf from and ask me if they can 'touch' it?... oh that gives me so much pleasure and makes me feel so humble.
I  also hope to one day expand my creativity into slippers and hats.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with these photos to tease you with  just a few of my Nuno felted scarves.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Colour is my Passion...

People would ask...What excites you?What is your passion?...
It took me a while to realise that COLOUR is definitely one of my Passions.
Creativity and Colour go hand in hand for me...
and so it is that this is where I'm currently at!

What is your Passion?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Latest Creativity...

Hello again,
Well here it is only 15 days out from when the Big,Fat, Jolly man wearing the red suit visits and I hope you're all managing to cope!
Whether that be with the weather(some of you have snow),Financial stresses,Family stresses,Health Issues or just what to buy that special person.Please know you're in my thoughts.I do hope you manage to find joy and beauty somewhere in your day.

As promised in my last post, I said I'd share my 'new creativity'... Its been fun and I  have now added Resin to my list of supplies.

Back in October I took a course with Donna O'Donaghue from 'Altered Images'  and here is (above and below) what I'm doing now...

Im also producing Pencil cases... or containers to hold 'trinkets' or sewing 'Bits and Bobs'...
These feature my own Original artwork.

I also managed to make this bracelet...(SOLD)

   My Christmas tree is up and today the sun is shining... so for now I wish you all  'Compliments of the season' and hope your 'Creativity'  shines as well.

As always Thanks for stopping by.

PS: and in the True spirit of Christmas... keep an eye out... I'll be Giving away a heart or cross (more items to choose from than those pictured)...or maybe you'd prefer a pencil case?I will post to
Anywhere in the world... Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Beginnings...

Hello again...
A winter has passed since my last entry(gasp) and with us being well into Spring- signs of new beginning's are all around.
The neighbours lambs are almost teenagers, my Duck has hatched ducklings,my hens have hatched chicks and the baby swallows which nested at my back door 'Took the Leap' yesterday and left the nest...It has been so wonderful watching them being Brave and perfecting their flying skills by day and returning to their nest at dusk.
The Magnolia Trees have flowered,the Cherry Trees blossomed and now we are looking forward to summer... and with that said I too have branched into some new 'creativity'...
For many of my overseas friends I realise you are enjoying the colours of Fall...
But for now here are a few pictures of 'My Spring'...

Beautiful Magnolia

Cherry Tree
Just one of the Ducklings

Next Time I'll share my new creativity ...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Works In Progress...

This past week I have been sick intead of my camera,I picked up my brushes...

Its so good to be playing again... Enjoy
I added to this...

After finishing this...

 Then I added to this

and then played with this...

And then for fun, experimenting with texture did these...

  and there you have my week in pictures!